Double-Shadow Blade

Name Type Knight Pri Sec Bard
Total Phys E B F I A E M E P R Notes
Double-Shadow Blade sword

This is an very wicked-looking blade, that is made of shining
stainless steel. It has a hand-and-half wire-wrapped hilt and a
short crossguard made of silver and the balancing pommel is silver
too. The long blade is divided down the middle with a long slot
that starts at the tip and runs a third of the way down the blade,
then continues after a bracing for another quarter of the length
and after a second bracing for the final quarter of length. This
weapon has an excellent heft and balance, and is razor-sharp.
This weapon is in excellent condition.
This weapon deals edged damage.
This weapon gains benefits from your sword weapon skill.
You must be level 10 to wield this weapon.
It looks light.

Unbreakable: no Fake: no Cursed: no
Unique: normal Enchanted: no No Drop: no
Binding: none World Drop: no No Remove: no

Exceptionally Balanced: no Damage Reduction: no
Non-Standard Damage Range: no
Two Handed: no Reflection: no Honed: no
Autoloading: no

Level Requirement: 10
This weapon does not need identification


Bard overall rating:
Bard Special Attacks or Powers: no
Bard Value:
Bard Lore:

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